Neighborhood inhabited by Palestinian families bombed in Syria

Daraa city

The Action Group for the Palestinians of Syria (AGPS) said on Saturday that a neighborhood inhabited by Palestinian families in Daraa city in Syria was bombed by a ground-to-ground missile causing extensive damage to a number of residential buildings.

The AGPS said in its daily report on its Facebook page that the Palestinian refugees in southern Syria are suffering from difficult living and security conditions especially in Daraa camp where the shelling continues unabated causing, according to unofficial statistics, the destruction of about 70% of the buildings and the fall of a number of victims.

The Group reported that two Palestinian women from Muzayrib town in southern Syria were arrested by the Syrian security forces while on their way to receive financial aid disbursed by the UNRWA.

Many Palestinians in Daraa camp and Muzayrib have called on the UNRWA to find a way to deliver aid directly to them because of their fear of being arrested by the Syrian security forces and their allied militias.

Dozens of Palestinian families who have fled from Khan al-Shih refugee camp in the countryside of Damascus to Idlib city are facing extremely harsh conditions.

The AGPS received many appeals from these families calling on the UNRWA to do its duty toward them. The displaced families reported that they did not receive any relief or financial aid which the UNRWA provides periodically for the Palestinian refugees in Syria.

About 2,500 Palestinian refugees were forcibly displaced from Khan al-Shih refugee camp to the northern province of Idlib starting from 28th November 2016 following the signing of a reconciliation agreement between the Syrian regime and the opposition that includes evacuating Khan al-Shih and the areas surrounding it.

(Source / 27.05.2017)


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