IOF assaults Palestinian citizens in towns west of Jenin

Attacks west of Jenin

The Israeli occupation forces (IOF( last night and at dawn Saturday brutalized Palestinian citizens in areas west of Jenin city in the West Bank, especially the towns of Zabuba, Rummanah and at-Tayba.

Local sources told the Palestinian Information Center (PIC) that Israeli soldiers bullied and maltreated citizens, including teenagers, in the towns at the pretext of looking for young men accused of sabotaging the separation wall in the area.

They added that the soldiers detained for long hours four teenagers from Zabuba town after arresting them in an area near the Salem military base.

The detainees were released later after interrogating them about the damage that happened to barbed wires around the wall.

They were identified a Mohamed Abu Labda, Mohamed Jaradat and Nidal Hasan and Rami Jaradat.

The towns of Zabuba, Rummanah and at-Tayba are located near the separation wall and the Salem military base, which were built illegally on annexed lands.

(Source / 27.05.2017)


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