Workshop to Boost Coordination among Coalition’s Institutions & Improve Basic Services in Liberated Areas

The Assistance Coordination Unit (ACU), of the Syrian Coalition, held a workshop on the relationship between institutions of the Coalition to discuss ways to boost coordination. The workshop took place in the Turkish city of Gaziantep on Wednesday.

The workshop was attended by head of the Syrian Interim Government (SIG) Jawad Abu Hatab and senior members of SIG, the Coalition, ACU, and the local councils.

The workshop focused on finding ways to improve public services provided to the civilian population in the liberated areas in view of the systematic destruction of vital civilian facilities, most notably health facilities by the Assad regime and its allies.

Efficient administration of the liberated areas and the provision of essential services are high on the Coalition’s list of priorities, members of the Coalition stressed. They added that the Coalition strives to effectively carry out its duties towards the Syrian people.

During a meeting with the Norwegian Special Envoy for Syria, Knut Lein, on Tuesday, President of the Syrian Coalition Riad Seif said that SIG is developing projects to administer the liberated areas and provide services to the civilian population.

Seif stressed the importance of the support offered by friends of the Syrian people for these projects, which are aimed at alleviating the suffering of the Syrian people and improving living conditions in the liberated areas.

(Source: Syrian Coalition’s Media Department / 25.05.2017)


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