IOF shoots, arrests Palestinian girl near Ramallah

Taqwa Hammad

Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) arrested on Tuesday a 17-year-old Palestinian girl, Taqwa Hammad, from Silwad town near Ramallah after shooting her for no reason.

President of Silwad council, Abdurrahman Saleh, highlighted that IOF troops shot the girl for no reason. A Palestinian ambulance car arrived at the scene and medics started treating the wounded minor, he said. Meanwhile, IOF soldiers arrested the girl from inside the ambulance, he added.

Local sources revealed that the wounded detainee was shot in the thigh and was taken to Hadasa Israeli hospital in Occupied Jerusalem. She is sister of martyr Anas Hammad who was killed by Israeli gunfire late 2015, the sources pointed out.

The family of the arrested girl has been suffering from Israeli repeated violations as IOF soldiers arrested her father for several times and her brother, Abdurahim, is still detained in  Israeli jails, not to mention the murder of her brother Anas.

(Source / 23.05.2017)


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