Hamas regrets accusing it of terrorism in the presence of Arab leaders

Mousa abu Marzouk vs Trump

Member of the Hamas political bureau, Mousa Abu Marzouk, expressed on Monday his Movement’s regret over the Arab and Islamic leaders’ silence vis-à-vis the latest statements of the US President Donald Trump in which he linked Hamas to terrorism.

Abu Marzouk said on Twitter that Hamas regrets accusing the Palestinian resistance of terrorism in the presence of the Arab leaders especially the Palestinian president.

“Hamas is a national liberation movement that resists the occupation and defends its people,” Abu Marzouk affirmed, adding that the US is a partner to Israel and provides it with money and weapons to practice terrorism against the oppressed Palestinian people.

A number of Palestinian factions condemned in separate statements Trump’s description of Hamas as terrorist and denounced his bias to Israel.

The factions affirmed that Trump’s statements during his speech on Sunday evening to the Arab-Islamic-American summit, which was held in the presence of 55 Arab and Islamic leaders in Saudi Arabia, serve Israel and attempt to legitimize its presence in the region.

(Source / 22.05.2017)


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