UN: Gaza suffers from dire humanitarian situation due to power crisis

Gaza humanitarian crisis

UN humanitarian coordinator in the occupied Palestinian lands Robert Piper has said that Gaza has been experiencing a severe humanitarian crisis since mid-April after its power plant shut down its Turbines due to lack of fuel supplies.

“Since mid-April, electricity levels have fluctuated between about 100 and 150 Megawatts. In practical terms, this means that most households and services in Gaza receive electricity from the grid for at most, four hours at a time, followed by a 12-hour power cut,” Piper stated in a recent press release.

“Gaza has been chronically deprived of electricity for at least a decade. But we are reaching the end of the fifth week in which a chronic crisis has become acute. These kinds of levels of electricity have a grave impact on the supply of safe drinking water, on the treatment and management of sewerage, on the availability of health services, on businesses, on schools, and much more, the UN official added.

He warned that such electricity situation would deteriorate further next week and urged the Palestinian Authority, Israel as the occupying power, and the Hamas Movement to assume their obligations towards the population in Gaza.

(Source / 21.05.2017)


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