Iran imposes sanctions on supporters of Zionism and ‘takfiri’ groups

Image of the apartheid wall in West Bank

Image of the apartheid wall in West Bank [file photo]

Iran has imposed sanctions on nine American individuals and companies for aiding and abetting “the Zionist regime’s anti-human crimes in occupied Palestine.” The move was apparently made in retaliation for the US imposing new penalties on Iranian individuals.

On Wednesday, the US administration of Donald Trump extended sanctions relief for Iran under the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), a nuclear agreement between Tehran and the Group of 5+1 (Russia, China, the US, Britain, France and Germany). However, the US Treasury also announced new sanctions on Iranian individuals and companies; two Iranian defence officials, an Iranian company and members of a China-based network have been targeted for their alleged support for Iran’s ballistic missile programme.

Local sources said that Iran’s foreign ministry condemned the US Treasury’s decision to impose new sanctions. This, it believes, is an attempt to “downplay the positive outcomes” of extending the JCPOA deal.

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The ministry also announced that it had come up with a plan to retaliate with the sanctions against the individuals and companies. “The individuals and entities have a proven record of brazen violation of human rights and international humanitarian law by engagement or direct and indirect aid for the Zionist regime’s anti-human crimes in occupied Palestine or in that regime’s terrorist measures.” The nine also stand accused of involvement in, or aiding and sponsoring, “takfiri” [ie Jihadist] terrorism and suppression of people in the region, or of engagement in measures against the Islamic Republic of Iran’s national security.

(Source / 18.05.2017)


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