New Israeli indictments against Islamic Movement activists

terrorism against Hamas

The Israeli police on Tuesday filed indictments against a group of Palestinian citizens in Israel related to their affiliation with the banned Islamic Movement.

According to Israeli media outlets, the indictments include claims accusing them of planning to carry out attacks against Israelis in the Negev, supporting the enemy during wartime, and being involved in activities related to the Islamic Movement, which was outlawed by the Israeli government in 2015,.

In November 2015, the Israeli security cabinet outlawed the northern branch of the Islamic Movement, based on claims made by the Israel Police and the Shin Bet saying that the movement had close connections with Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood.

The Israeli authorities also used the emergency law enacted by the British mandate in 1945 and closed, with no legal grounds, dozens of civil institutions and charities on allegations of their connections with the Islamic Movement.

Last week, an Israeli court accepted indictments filed against six officials from the Islamic Movement, accused of being involved in activities related to their support for the Aqsa Mosque.

(Source / 17.05.2017)


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