Tunisian official: No new version of reconciliation law

Image of Abdellatif Mekki [tunistribune/Twitter]

Image of Abdellatif Mekki

There is no new version of the Tunisia’s National Reconciliation Law, the head of the Ennahda movement said yesterday.

In an interview with QudsPress, Abdellatif Mekki added that there are calls to draft a broader national reconciliation law outside the transitional justice phase.

He explained that the movement’s position of the old reconciliation law has not changed, noting that the old structure is working hard to prepare for the upcoming elections in 2019.

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Mekki warned that the controversy over the reconciliation law, which he believes is different from the old economic reconciliation law in terms of its broader capacity, could disrupt the demands to set the date of the local elections before the end of this year or be passed in parallel with setting the date for them.

Member of Parliament for the Democratic Movement, Samia Abbou, stressed the need not to pass the law even if there were calls for civil disobedience.

(Source / 27.03.2017)


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