14-year-old child among several Palestinians kidnapped in IOF sweep

14-jarige opgepakt

Several Palestinians, including a 14-year-old minor, were kidnapped by the Israeli occupation forces (IOF) at predawn Thursday in mass abduction sweeps launched across the West Bank and Jerusalem.

The IOF kidnapped seven Palestinians from the northern West Bank province of Qalqilya.

A PIC news correspondent said the IOF rolled into Qalqilya city in over 20 military jeeps and attacked the Palestinian protesters with spates of teargas canisters, resulting in several suffocation cases.

The assault triggered violent clashes with Palestinian anti-occupation youth.

The list of arrestees included ex-prisoner Tahseen al-Adl, who was kidnapped by the IOF from his own family home.

The occupation army further stormed Qalqilya’s eastern town of Azzoun, where Palestinian vehicles and civilians were subjected to thorough inspection.

Another Palestinian youth—Baraa Abu Nawas—was kidnapped by the IOF from Qatr al-Nada residential apartment in Nablus’s western neighborhood of al-Ma’ajin.

Abu Nawas was later dragged to an anonymous location in an armored military truck.

Overnight, Palestinian citizen Bashar Mleitat, from Nablus’s eastern town of Beit Furik, sustained wounds after he had been heavily beaten by the Israeli soldiers.

The Israeli soldiers also stormed Attil town, in Tulkarem, in a number of army vehicles and kidnapped the youngster Youssef al-Shalabi before they wreaked havoc on his family home and attacked his relatives.

A military checkpoint was also pitched by the IOF in al-Mesriyeh Mount.

Palestinian citizen Muthana al-Sadala was kidnapped by the Israeli soldiers from his home in Anabta town, east of Tulkarem.

Meanwhile, another Palestinian citizen was kidnapped by the IOF from Bethlehem.

At the same time, the Israeli forces set up ambushes across Jenin province and a checkpoint on the Jenin-Haifa access road, near the main entrance to Zabouba town, where Palestinian drivers have been made to endure intensive questioning.

The campaign culminated in the abduction of 14-year-old minor Jamal al-Ghoul from Occupied Jerusalem.

(Source / 23.03.2017)


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