Settlers assault Palestinian driver south of Occupied Jerusalem

Fadi Abed

Fanatic Jewish settlers assaulted at dawn Thursday a Palestinian man working as a driver south of Occupied Jerusalem.

The Jerusalemite driver Fadi Abed, 42, said that he was on his way home located in Beit Safafa in southern Jerusalem when two extremist settlers stopped him for a ride.

“Once I dropped them off, one of the two settlers approached me and hit my head with a bottle, then the other man beat me brutally. I could not defend myself because of continuous beating which made me bleed”, he said.

Abed who is receiving treatment at hospital pointed out that another driver, who witnessed the attack, managed to capture and hold one of the settlers who was trying to escape until the police came and arrested both of the attackers.

Israeli police, however, did not open an investigation into the incident until the moment, Abed said. “It was not the first time that I was attacked by Jewish settlers”, Abed added.

(Source / 16.03.2017)


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