Adnan: The PA is holding prisoners hostage in its jails

Khader Adnan PA houdt Palestijnen gevangen

Senior Islamic Jihad official Khader Adnan has urged the Red Cross to necessarily stand by the political detainees in Palestinian Authority (PA) jails, affirming that they suffer from harsh incarceration conditions.

Adnan’s request was made during his meeting on Tuesday in his house in the West Bank town of Arraba with head of the committee in Jerusalem and the West Bank Christian Lichtbuer and senior Red Cross officials Tara Montgomery and Dima Mahajneh

Adnan told the Red Cross officials that some of the political detainees in PA jails were taken hostage in order to pressure their relatives to turn themselves in as happened with Mohamed Asida, who is held in al-Junaid prison.

He also briefed them on the suffering being endured by isolated and sick prisoners in Israeli jails and by their families who are barred from visiting them under flimsy security pretexts.

(Source / 15.03.2017)


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