3 Palestinian toddlers pronounced dead in war-torn Syria

Dode babys Syrie

Three Palestinian toddlers died in war-tattered Syria after the government troops denied them access out of Yalda near Yarmouk refugee camp in the southern outskirts of Damascus for urgent treatment at Damascus hospitals.

A Wednesday report by the Action Group for the Palestinians of Syria (AGPS), identified the three toddlers as: six-day-old Jaafar Abu Khalil, one-day-old Abdullah Kharmendi, and 30-day-old Rawaa Abu Hamdan.

According to AGPS, residents of Yalda town and Yarmouk camp have frequently launched cries for help over the deteriorating health services in the area due to the tough cordon enforced by the government forces and the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine – General Command (PFLP – GC) for over 1,361 days.

AGPS documented the death of 185 Palestinian refugees in besieged Yarmouk camp due to undernourishment and medical neglect.

Meanwhile, Palestinian resident of al-Neirab refugee camp, in Aleppo, Youssef al-Kubra has been locked up in Syrian penitentiaries for the fifth year running. The detainee is one of the prominent Islamic Jihad leaders in Palestine.

In another development, the Palestine Charity Commission, in partnership with Shourouq al-Shams Foundation distributed $2,500 to 50 orphans in al-Muzeireeb town as part of ongoing endeavors to assuage the calamitous state of affairs endured by the Palestinian refugee community in southern Syria.

(Source / 15.03.2017)


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