Radwan: We will not recognize Israel

Ismail Radwan

The leader in the Hamas Movement, Ismail Radwan, said on Monday that Israel is trying, through internationalizing the issue of Gaza, to evade granting the Palestinian people their rights and to bypass the new reality imposed by the resistance in the Gaza Strip during the recent years.

Radwan affirmed during a political seminar organized by al-Aqsa University on the internationalization of Gaza that Hamas does not oppose establishing a Palestinian state on the 1967 borders. However, he added, this does not mean recognizing Israel because the entire land of historical Palestine belongs to the Palestinian and Muslim generations.

He stressed Hamas’s absolute rejection of the negotiations between the Palestinian Authority (PA) and Israel, pointing to the deadlock they have reached after 23 years of negotiations.

He emphasized that the negotiations achieved nothing for the Palestinian cause, but instead, they aggravated the pain of the Palestinian people by arresting and pursuing resistance fighters.

The Hamas leader accused the PA of covering up the Israeli crimes with its security coordination, noting that Israel is the biggest beneficiary of the Oslo Agreement which led to differences and divisions in the Palestinian arena.

Radwan asserted that no state will be established in Gaza, and no Palestinian state will be established without Gaza, noting that Hamas is keen on the unity of the Palestinian lands and people.

Regarding the news published by some media outlets about establishing a Palestinian state in Gaza that extends to the Egyptian Sinai Peninsula, Radwan said that Hamas does not accept any replacement for Palestine.

(Source / 14.03.2017)


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