General strike in schools of Occupied Jerusalem

Staking school

A general strike prevailed on Tuesday in the schools of occupied East Jerusalem in protest at the Israeli municipality’s policies and attempts to impose its decisions on the Arab schools.

The chairman of the union of parents’ committees of East Jerusalem schools, Ziad al-Shamali, said that the strike comes to protest the “Spring Break” which the Israeli municipality tries to impose on high school students as well as the ongoing attempts to impose the Israeli curriculum on Palestinian schools.

In a statement to Quds Press news agency, Shamali affirmed that a general strike in all schools of East Jerusalem was announced on Monday during a press conference, confirming that 90% of the schools abided by the strike.

He pointed out that this commitment was achieved thanks to the parents of students and school principals who cooperated with the union to fulfill the goal of the strike, which is to pressure the Israeli municipality to backtrack on its decisions.

He stressed that escalated procedures, which he did not disclose, will be taken in case the Israeli municipality did not respond to the union’s demands by next Sunday.

(Source / 14.03.2017)


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