Israeli forces take measurements of martyr Qanbar home

Fadi Qanbar martelaar

Israeli forces stormed on Thursday the home of martyr Fadi Qanbar in Mount Scopus town east of Occupied Jerusalem and took its measurements in order to pave the way for its demolition or closure.

The uncle of the martyr, Abu Ali, said that Israeli forces took measurements of the streets surrounding the home as well in order to be able to enter Israeli heavy vehicles and bulldozers either for razing or closing the house with concrete.

Israeli policemen killed the Palestinian Fadi Qanbar after carrying out an anti-occupation truck-ramming attack against a group of soldiers in Armon HaNetziv settlement in Mount Scopus on January 08. Four soldiers were killed and fifteen got injured including eight in very serious conditions.

Since the anti-occupation attack, the family of martyr Qanbar has been subjected to a series of Israeli punitive measures including arrests of youths and women, handing over home-demolition notices for the claim of lacking construction permits, and withdrawing some of their residence permits.

(Source / 09.03.2017)


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