Expert warns of Israeli Judaization park near Muslims 3rd holiest site


Expert in Jerusalem’s affairs Fakhri Abu Diab revealed an Israeli plan to establish a Judaization park near holy al-Aqsa Mosque, in Occupied Jerusalem.

According to Abu Diab, the park stretches from al-Sultan Pool to Ayoub Well, southwest of Jerusalem’s Old City, near al-Aqsa Mosque, and covers an overall area of 37 dunums.

The plan for the 800-meter-long park dates back to 2006, Abu Diab added. The Israeli Nature Authority has increasingly held sway over Palestinian land in the area, paving the way for the project.

Abu Diab warned that construction works to establish the park in Wadi al-Rabab had already started.

The expert said Israel has often referred to the construction of national parks as a pretext to grab more Palestinian land and wipe out the Islamic identity of Occupied Jerusalem and the environs of holy al-Aqsa Mosque.

In Abu Diab’s terms, the real threat wrought by such so-called “demographic projects” lies in severing the ties between Palestinian neighborhoods and villages across Occupied Jerusalem, as Wadi al-Rabab area has long served as a joint linking Palestinian communities across Jerusalem’s western and eastern edges.

The targeted area is also home to the largest underground water tank in Occupied Jerusalem and prominent archaeological sites dating back to the Canaanite era.

Historical documents and chronicles prove that Muslim tribes have set up roots in the area hundreds of years ago. It was named Wadi al-Rabab, which literally means the valley of fog in Arabic, in reference to the steams emanating from the warm springs found in the area.

(Source / 09.03.2017)


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