Palestinian injured child remained handcuffed in Israeli hospital


Palestinian child, shot by Israeli forces with a rubber-coated steel bullet in his left eye during a violent raid into Shufat camp in occupied Jerusalem, has been kept chained to an iron bed at Israel’s Hadassah Medical Center.

Physicians for Human Rights strongly condemned Israeli authorities for keeping a 14-year-old boy held in Israeli custody while receiving medical treatment, considering the act as a flagrant violation to medical ethics.

Haaretz Hebrew newspaper said that the child is scheduled to be released today to house arrest.

The child was shot and injured in his left eye last week with a rubber-coated steel bullet as Israeli forces accused the boy of throwing stones at Israeli military vehicles during their violent raid into Shufat camp.

The bullet ripped through his left eye and has caused internal bleeding.

The child was taken in an ambulance heading to Makassed Hospital before being stopped by Israeli police forces at a military checkpoint erected at the entrance to the camp.

The forces allowed the ambulance to pass after holding it for more than half an hour, Physicians for Human Rights revealed.

The Israeli force insisted on following the ambulance with a military vehicle and demanded the driver to go to Hadassah hospital.

At the hospital, the child was subjected to tough investigation without the presence of his parents.

(Source / 06.03.2017)


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