New Judaization projects in Gilo, Qalandia in O. Jerusalem


The Israeli government launched new Judaization projects last week near Gilo settlement and the industrial area of Qalandia, north of occupied Jerusalem, according to Iroshalim weekly newspaper on Saturday.

The Hebrew paper reported that the construction of a temporary road had already started, supervised by Gal-Or company, to link between a new settlement location on the foothills of Gilo settlement and Ein Yael area, which would speed up the construction of the new settlement neighborhood there.

The paper said that the work on the new road began following an approval issued by the Israeli Ministry of Housing which is in charge of the development of the infrastructure in the site.

Ofer Ayoubi, the head of Gilo’s community administration, said that despite the fact that the temporary road is just a limited step after the massive efforts that were exerted, it is still considered a first step in the right direction.

Ayoubi added that efforts will continue to obtain the approval of the authorized parties to convert the road to a permanent one and link it to the settlement as an emergency exit.

Meanwhile, Both Ze’ev Elkin, the Minister of Jerusalem affairs, and Nir Barkat, the mayor of Jerusalem, announced launching the project “Atarot-C” in the Qalandia industrial area.

According to Kol Ha’ir newspaper, the project will be implemented on an area of about 100 dunums. 12 pieces of lands with an area of 70 dunums will be allocated for the first phase of the project to build 12 factories including food and mineral factories.

The so-called Moriah Jerusalem Development Corporation supervised drawing the plans for the Israel Land Authority and the Ministry of Economy. The Project is expected to cost 45 million shekels beside the 12 million shekels allocated for the infrastructure works. A discount of 31% will be offered on the prices of lands.

(Source / 04.03.2017)


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