Kidney transplant center to be opened in Gaza


Dr. Abdul Qader Hammad, the head of the British medical delegation specialized in kidney transplants, said that the Gaza Strip will soon witness the opening of the best Arab specialist center in the field of kidney transplant.

In a press statement on Thursday, Hammad pointed to a sustainable project, which has been under study for years to end the suffering of the kidney failure patients in Gaza, saying that modern equipment similar to those of the developed countries had arrived in the Gaza Strip recently.

He added that the next step will be training a number of local technical crews at Royal Liverpool Hospital in the United Kingdom on using and running the new equipment.

He emphasized that kidney transplant operations in Gaza are almost normal now thanks to the high skills the Palestinian physicians and surgeons have acquired from their counterparts in the delegation.

The head of the medical delegation stated that all the 13 kidney transplants that were carried out in the past period achieved high rates of success up to 92% which are comparable to the world’s highest rates in this field.

He noted that what distinguishes kidney transplant operations in the Gaza Strip is that they are performed following the best surgical methods in the world where the kidney is transferred from the body of the donor using the endoscope, and this is the safest way in terms of medical complications.

The medical delegation, headed by Dr. Abdul Qader Hammad, the head of the organ transplant unit at Royal Liverpool Hospital, conducted on Wednesday the second successful kidney transplant in partnership with Palestinian doctors.

Hammad is expected to carry out 4 kidney transplants during his visit to Gaza in cooperation with Palestinian surgeons and local nursing and anesthesia crews.

(Source / 03.03.2017)


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