Coalition’s Secretary-General Urges Friendly Countries to Support Syrian Interim Government’s Projects & Euphrates Shield Operation

Secretary-General of the Syrian Coalition Abdul Ilah Fahd called on sisterly and friendly countries to step up support for the Syrian interim government and the Free Syrian Army groups participating in the Shield of the Euphrates Operation in order to help restore life to normality in the areas being liberated from the ISIS extremist group in norther Syria.

During a field visit to the border town of Azaz in northern Syria on Wednesday, Fahd stressed the importance of restoring security and the provision of basic services to the civilian population who are returning to their homes in northern rural Aleppo.

Fahd, who was visiting the liberated areas on the border with Turkey along with head of the Syrian interim government Jawad Abu Hatab, said that the interim government is sparing no effort to repair and revamp vital civilian facilities damaged by the fighting between the FSA groups and ISIS.

Over 6 million Syrians are set to benefit from projects developed by the interim government, Fahd said. Providing enough support for these projects is crucial to make sure the population does not fall into the snare of terrorist organizations seeking to exploit the needs of civilians to recruit them into their ranks.

Fahd and Abu Hatab visited the headquarters of the Syrian interim government, the Free University of Aleppo, the Teachers Institute, and a number of schools.

Fahd and Abu Hatab also visited the interim government-run grain office, the mills, the seed multiplication center, the granaries and the telephone directorate in the town of Azaz.

(Source: Syrian Coalition’s Media Department / 01.03.2017)


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