Maariv: Mossad used phantom media firm to kill Zouari


Maariv newspaper said that the murderers of Tunisian aviation engineer Mohamed Zouari worked under the guise of a fake European media production company in order to locate and assassinate him.

According to the Hebrew newspaper on Monday, Israel’s Mossad established a phantom media company to use it as a cover to reach Zouari and employed Tunisian citizens to achieve that.

However, Maariv claimed that the hired Tunisians worked for the company and acted in good faith, without knowing the Mossad was behind it and lurking around.

In order for the Mossad to carry out the assassination, the Tunisians were assigned to secure cars and cellphones for the job and contact Zouari for interviews.

Among the Tunisians who worked for that company was a Tunisian journalist holding Hungarian citizenship. She conducted interviews with Zouari and arranged the last meeting in which he was killed by two Mossad agents.

According to the newspaper, a similar tactic had been used by the Mossad in 2010 to plot the assassination of Hamas leader Mahmoud al-Mabhouh in Dubai.

Martyr Zouari was one of Hamas’s prominent engineers and contributed to developing drones for the Palestinian resistance movement.

He was a Tunisian aviation engineer and lived for some time in Syria during the presence of Hamas there before he was able to return to his country Tunisia following the 2011 revolution.

On December 15, 2016, he was assassinated outside his home in Sfax, a commercial coastal town that lies southeast of Tunis.

(Source / 28.02.2017)


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