Moroccan Commission slams gov’t normalization with Israeli occupation


The Moroccan Commission to Support the Nation’s Causes (MCSNC) strongly condemned Morocco’s latest “normalization steps” with the Israeli occupation.

MCSNC referred to the appearance of Israelis in conferences held in Rabat and Agadir as signs of deplorable normalization with Israel.

Speaking during a Wednesday meeting, the commission said such steps emanate from attempts to “whitewash Israeli crimes against the Palestinians.”

MCSNC dubbed the normalization steps “a barefaced provocation to the Moroccan people who has always shown support for the Palestinian cause.”

MCSNC also spoke out against the incessant Israeli infringements of Palestinians’ human rights and the escalated pace of Israel’s land grab policy, along with its Judaization schemes against Palestinian holy sites, most notably the holy al-Aqsa Mosque—Muslims’ third holiest site.

It further warned of the tragic upshots of the “oppressive Israeli siege on Gaza, amid international silence.”

The commission condemned “in the strongest terms” the “normalization practices” pursued by the Moroccan government and the silence maintained by the international community as regards Israel’s illegal settlement activity across the occupied Palestinian territories.

MCSNC reiterated its solidarity with the world’s oppressive groups, including the Palestinians and the persecuted Muslims of Myanmar.

The Moroccan Commission urged the Muslims and Arabs to stand on guard to underway attempt to sever the chord that links the nation together.

(Source / 26.02.2017)


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