Zeidan: US administration must recognize the rights of Palestinians


The Deputy in the Palestinian Legislative Council (PLC), Abdel Rahman Zeidan, said on Friday that the US administration has no choice but to recognize the rights of the Palestinian people as long as they insist on them.

Zeidan called in a press statement on the Palestinian Authority (PA) to abandon the false American support and have faith in the Arab and Islamic-backed popular support.

He explained that the statements of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) about its adherence to the choice of negotiations are inconsistent with the reality produced by the American elections which ignores all the inalienable rights of the Palestinian people as well as the international resolutions and agreements and the rules of the international law.

The PLC member stressed that the PA president, Mahmoud Abbas, and his negotiating team have insistently abandoned all choices but the frivolous and unequal negotiations.

Zeidan said that Abbas must pay heed to the people’s will and the national demand of restoring unity and activating the PLO by electing a national council that represents the Palestinian forces everywhere and drawing a resistance strategy to confront the Israeli occupation and the schemes hatched against the Palestinian cause.

(Source / 17.02.2017)


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