Hamas slams Fatah for attacking Qatari and Turkish support for Gaza


The Hamas Movement has strongly denounced unnamed Fatah officials for attacking Qatar and Turkey for their support for the Gaza Strip, stressing that their remarks reflected a desire to see Gaza under ongoing blockade.

In press remarks, Hamas spokesman Hazem Qasem accused some Fatah leaders of taking advantage of the Gaza siege to achieve narrow partisan goals, without any consideration for the suffering of the population.

Qasem slammed such Fatah attitude towards Gaza and the countries supporting it, saying it would complicate any possibility for reconciliation between the Palestinian rivals.

He emphasized that the Qatari and Turkish humanitarian efforts in Gaza, which “are appreciated by Hamas, strengthen the Palestinian people’s steadfastness on his land and their adherence to their rights and prevent the Israeli occupation from using its blockade to blackmail the population in Gaza.

He called on the Palestinian Authority and Fatah to stop inciting against Gaza and its resistance and refrain from exploiting the suffering of the Palestinian people to serve their own interests.

For his part, Taher al-Nunu, the spokesman for former Palestinian premier Ismail Haneyya, condemned some media outlets affiliated with Fatah for launching a smear campaign against Qatar’s humanitarian role in Gaza and its ambassador Mohamed al-Emadi.

“We deplore such political foolishness and position that trade on the suffering of our Palestinian people and target Arab countries that provide assistance and aid for our people without discrimination and open their doors to everyone, including officials from the Palestinian Authority and the Fatah Movement,” Nunu said.

(Source / 15.02.2017)


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