Ayesh: Palestinian Diaspora part & parcel of anti-occupation struggle


Head of the Jordanian Association for Return and Refugees, Kadhem Ayesh, called on the Palestinians, nationwide and overseas, to agree on a unified national project and resistance agenda in the face of the Israeli occupation.

Speaking to the PIC, Ayesh stressed the need for the Palestinian diaspora to combine forces and adopt a unified national project in order to mobilize support for the Palestinian cause.

He further highlighted the importance of forming political pressure groups so as to spread awareness on the Palestinian cause and expose the Israeli crimes against the Palestinian people.

He further called for the establishment of a communication network between the Palestinians across the occupied territories and the diaspora to garner back up for the Palestinian issue.

Commenting on the Achilles’ heels of the Oslo accord, Ayesh said it has marginalized the role of the Palestinian diaspora by placing the national struggle on the shoulders of the Palestinians living in the occupied territories.

He further warned of the “assimilation” agendas aiming to wipe out the Palestinian identity overseas.

“However, the Palestinians have shown a deep-seated commitment to their identity, language, religion, history, and self-determination,” the activist stated. “Palestinian selfhood is not just a national and geographical label; it designates an identity of resistance and anti-occupation vision.”

According to Ayesh, the role played by the Palestinian diaspora is far greater than the one played by the Palestinian embassies and official envoys.

As for the Palestinian cause in Jordan, Ayesh said efforts have been underway to mobilize support for the prisoners’ cause, Occupied Jerusalem, and the refugees’ issue.

“The Palestinian cause and the Israeli violations against Gaza, Occupied Jerusalem, among other occupied Palestinian territories, are a daily concern for the Palestinians and Jordanians alike,” the activist noted.

(Source / 15.02.2017)


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