Haniyeh warns Israel of attempting to move its internal crisis to Gaza


Vice President of Hamas’  political bureau, Ismail Haniyeh, warned the Israeli occupation of its attempts to export its internal crises towards the Gaza Strip.

This came during a meeting between  Haniyeh and the Turkish ambassador to Palestine, GorjanTurkoglu, on Thursday, where the two debated various issues, most notably the Israeli escalation and the electricity crisis.

Haniyehthen emphasized the need to restrain these senseless acts that may create a bigger crisis in the future.

He also denounced the Knesset bill that legitimizes illegal settlements, describing it as an attempt to steal more Palestinian land.

The two sides also discussed Turkey’s efforts to ease the suffering of the people of the Gaza Strip which is noticeably marked by  the electricity crisis. Haniyeh pointed out the measures that Turkey undertook to help the crisis which included agrant that provided  much needed fuel for the power station for the next three months as well as the Turkish delegation that came to Gaza last week to resolve the issue permanently.

In the same context, Haniyeh called upon the quick opening of the Turkey funded hospital in the Strip. He also asked Turkey to exert more effort in the reconstruction process following the 2014 Israeli assault and to also accommodate more postgraduate students into Turkish universities and sick patients while prioritizing cancer stricken Palestinians at the same time.

The Turkish ambassador, in turn, underlined his countries pledge to work hard and contribute actively to end the many crises faced by the people of the Gaza Strip.

(Source / 13.02.2017)


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