Haaretz: 9 Settlement projects to be soon approved


Haaretz Hebrew newspaper revealed that Israeli authorities seek to implement nine settlement projects in occupied Jerusalem.

Ten thousands of new housing units are scheduled to be built at the expense of Palestinian private lands, the paper added.

According to the paper, the new approved settlement projects will prevent linkage between Ramallah and occupied Jerusalem.

500 housing units will be added to Ramat Shlomo settlement in Beit Hanina town, east of occupied Jerusalem, 1,500 others will be built in Har Homa illegal settlement southeast of the occupied city.

3,700 housing units and 2,100 hotel rooms are scheduled to be built in Area E. The project would divide the West Bank into two separate north and south areas.

230 settlement units are to be added to Kadamat Suhyoon settlement, west of Abu Dis in occupied Jerusalem, while 3,700 housing units will be built in Beit Safafa.

2,001 new housing units will be also approved in Gilo settlement southeast of occupied Jerusalem.

Few weeks after the swearing-in of Donald Trump, Israeli authorities have stepped up policies of land confiscation and settlement expansion.

(Source / 04.02.2017)


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