Hamas prisoners give Israeli jailers last chance to answer demand


The leadership of Hamas prisoners has given the Israeli prison authority until next Sunday to respond to their demands in order to restore calm in jails.

According to the Palestinian Prisoner Center for Studies, a lengthy and heated meeting took place on Thursday evening between members of the higher leading committee of Hamas prisoners and officials from the Israeli prison authority and the military intelligence.

During this meeting, representatives of Hamas prisoners insisted on the need to completely refrain from using the Masada takeover unit to raid prison cells.

They also stressed the need to end the solitary confinement of their leader Mohamed Arman and Abdul-Naser Issa and transfer them from Jalama jail to Ohalei Kedar prison.

They also called for ending all punitive measures against prisoners and bringing back all those who were taken away to other places as a result of the events that happened recently in Nafha and Negev prisons.

A spokeswoman for the center said that the Israeli authorities seek to avoid further escalation of the tension in Israeli jails following the two stabbing attacks against prison officers.

However, she did not state if the Israeli side would respond to the prisoners’ demands or not.

(Source / 03.02.2017)


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