Arrests, crackdowns as Israeli army rolls into Qalqilya at daybreak


Arrests and crackdowns were reported at daybreak Tuesday after the Israeli occupation forces (IOF) rolled into the northern West Bank province of Qalqilya and showered Palestinian homes with teargas canisters.

Reporting from the scene, a PIC news correspondent said heavily-armed Israeli troops stormed Kafr Saba neighborhood in Qalqilya and targeted Palestinian civilian homes near the Abu Ubaida Mosque with randomly-shot spates of teargas canisters.

The Palestinian anti-occupation protesters reportedly responded to the attack by hurling stones at the Israeli patrols.

The occupation soldiers further broke into a residential apartment in the area and kidnapped 23-year-old youngster Ahmad al-Barsh after they wreaked havoc on his family home.

The arrestee was reportedly dragged by the IOF to an unidentified destination.

Over recent days, the Israeli occupation army stepped up arbitrary abductions and crackdowns against Palestinian civilians as part of a collective punishment tactic aiming to quell anti-occupation activism.

(Source / 31.01.2017)


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