Demonstrations Held Nationwide Condemning Fateh Al-Sham’s Aggression on Rebel & FSA Groups

Thousands of Syrians on Friday took to the streets of many towns and villages in the liberated areas to condemn the aggression by Fateh Al-Sham Front on rebel and FSA groups and to demand the downfall of the Assad regime.

Demonstrations were held in the town of Saqba, Douma, and Hammouriya in Rural Damascus to express solidarity with residents of the Wadi Barada valley and Almarj area which have been subjected to ferocious onslaughts by regime and the Iranian-backed militias. Demonstrators also demanded the downfall of the regime and called upon rebel and FSA groups and the political opposition to close ranks.

Demonstrations also came out in the towns of Maaret Alnouman, Atmah, Addana, Maaret Misrin, Hazzano, Qah, Ihsim, and Binnish where protestors chanted slogans condemning recent attacks by Fateh Al-Sham Front on the rebel and FSA groups in northern Syria.

The Syrian Coalition strongly condemned the assault by Fateh Al-Sham Front on the mainstream rebel groups in northern Syria. It called upon the FSA and rebel groups to unite into a national army that serves the Syrian revolution and its goals.

In a statement released on Thursday, the Coalition reiterated its “absolute condemnation of acts of aggression in Syria and encroachment upon civilians’ rights as well as violations of civil liberties and human rights by Fatah Al-Sham Front and its supporters.” It stressed that these terrorist acts “serve the Assad regime and its allies, and they risk undermining the ability of the Syrian people to respond to external attacks on Syrian territory.”

(Source: Syrian Coalition’s Media Office / 29.01.2017)


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