Syrian Coalition Condemns Fateh Al-Sham’s Crimes, Urges FSA & Rebel Groups to Unite into National Army

The Syrian Coalition strongly condemned the assault by Fateh Al-Sham Front on the mainstream rebel groups in northern Syria. It called upon the FSA and rebel groups to unite into a national army that serves the Syrian revolution and its goals.

In a statement released on Thursday, the Coalition reiterated its “absolute condemnation of acts of aggression in Syria and encroachment upon civilians’ rights as well as violations of civil liberties and human rights by Fatah Al-Sham Front and its supporters.” It stressed that these terrorist acts “serve the Assad regime and its allies, and they risk undermining the ability of the Syrian people to respond to external attacks on Syrian territory.”

The Coalition called upon all revolutionary and rebel groups to adopt a national project that endorses the values and principles of the revolution. The Coalition also called for the formation of a Syrian national army to serve the revolution and its objectives working under its legitimate political umbrella in order to achieve the Syrian people’s aspirations through coordinated, professional, and disciplined work.

The Syrian people will continue the struggle against the murderous Assad regime, the Iranian occupiers, and all forces of terror, the Coalition went on. It called upon the international community to work seriously and diligently to achieve a political transition in Syria in line with the Geneva Communique of 2012 and the relevant UN Security Council resolutions. In parallel, action must be taken against state-sponsored and cross-border terrorism.

Moreover, the Coalition called for the formation of an international coalition to oust all terrorist organizations from Syria, rejecting giving those groups a safe haven in Syria.

The preservation of Syria’s territorial integrity and the unity of its people as well as the establishment of a democratic system of government is the only way to eradicate the threat of terrorism in the region; protect the people from terrorism, dry up terror’s sources; and prevent individuals, organizations and states from sponsoring or supporting it, the Coalition stressed.

(Source: Syrian Coalition’s Media Office / 27.01.2017)


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