7 Palestinians kidnapped, homes ravaged in West Bank sweep by IOF


At least seven Palestinians were kidnapped by the Israeli occupation forces (IOF) from the West Bank provinces of al-Khalil and Qalqilya at daybreak Friday.

According to a PIC news reporter, the IOF kidnapped three Palestinian boys following assaults on al-Khalil’s towns of al-Dhahriya, Dura, and al-Samou’.

The three arrestees are named as Ayed Amr, Ali Mteir, and Sadam al-Talahma, who were all kidnapped from their own family homes in Dura town.

The IOF further wreaked havoc on civilian homes in al-Dhahriya and Samou’ and sealed off southern al-Khalil with military checkpoints, where Palestinian vehicles and passengers have been subjected to intensive inspection.

At the same time, four Palestinians—Omar Saleem, Waleed Sweidan, Saher Majd, and Ramez Shlou—were kidnapped by the IOF from Qalqilya’s eastern town of Azzoun, in the northern West Bank.

The IOF broke into 15 Palestinian homes in the area, sparking panic among women and children.

The sweep comes shortly after the occupation army claimed that a settler vehicle was subjected to a shooting attack on Thursday evening.

(Source / 27.01.2017)


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