President Morsi’s message to the people of Egypt

ousted President, Mohamed Morsi

Former President Mohamed Morsi. [File photo]

On the sixth anniversary of the 2011 January 25 Revolution, ousted Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi sent a message to the Egyptian people from prison. The words of the democratically-elected president were relayed by his son Omar on Facebook. The following is the translated text:

O free revolutionaries, continue on the path of your peaceful revolution with the strength of mountains and the determination of thunder. Your revolution will be victorious very soon, and behind you is an overwhelming majority of the people waiting on you to pave the way for a revolutionary atmosphere.

May God be my witness, I have spared no effort in fighting corruption and criminality, once through law and another through revolutionary actions. Sometimes I got it right, and other times I missed, but I have never betrayed your trust, nor will I ever do so.

You have astonished the world by maintaining your revolution; you are today and tomorrow, the present and the future and you are the homeland. The revolution is in your hands, and I trust that you will raise its banner and attain its glory.

Last but not least, I would say to my people: Keep your eyes on your revolution and its honourable goals. The blood of the martyrs, the groans of the wounded and the sacrifices of the detainees will not go in vain, as long as the revolution wields men who raise its banner, believe in its principles and rally around it until all of its goals are fulfilled.

I know that it is a difficult path, but I believe in your honour and the fairness of your cause, and I am confident that God Almighty will grant you victory. May God bless you for your cause and your nation, and may you remain revolutionaries.

(Source / 26.01.2017)


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