Hamas: The transfer of the U.S embassy to Jerusalem will ignite a new phase of conflict

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The Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas, confirmed its outright rejection of the US administration’s intention to move its embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, stressing that the movement and the Palestinian people as a whole do not recognize Israel’s right to own a meter of Palestinian land.

In a press statement issued on Tuesday, the Movement said that the transfer of the embassy will spark a new phase of conflict on the ground with the occupation which the US administration will be held accountable for.

Hamas also said that this step is completely biased toward the Israeli Occupation, adding that the US administration will lose its political role related to the conflict if such a decision was carried out. It further went on to confirm that the lack of American transparency in the case, will erase what’s left of the rights of the Palestinian people and their cause.

In the same context, the Resistance Movement pointed out that such a step is a clear shrug of the shoulder of all UN and international resolutions regarding Jerusalem and the rights of the Palestinian people in their land. “This is an obvious interference in favour of the Israeli Occupation, and in doing so, the United States will be complicit in the crimes of the Israel Occupation”, the Movement further noted.

“With this step, the US administration will create an explosive atmosphere by adding fuel to the fire which will only serve Israel’s racial and extremist approach, and it must be held responsible for any reactions resulting from this foolish step”.

In response to  the decision, the Movement called on the Palestinian people to unite in the face of this US policy and the steps the Israeli Occupation may reside to as a consequence. It further cited, “the continuity of Al-Quds Intifada and resistance act as a strategic choice that will stand in face of the daunting challenges that hinder our people’s case”.

The movement also urged Arab and Islamic nations to unite around this vital issue and take urgent action to prevent the US intentions of moving the embassy. It also called upon the nations to adopt the issue of Jerusalem in all international forums and to further support the Palestinian people and their resistance.

In the statement released, Hamas  affirmed that Jerusalem is an occupied territory that will solely remain Palestinian and no party will be able to change the historical reality of Jerusalem, adding that Jerusalem will continue to be the compass of the Palestinian struggle.

(Source / 26.01.2017)


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