Abu Marzouk: Differences with Egypt are over


Member of the Hamas political bureau, Mousa Abu Marzouk, said on Wednesday that Hamas “turned the page of disputes” with Egypt.

Abu Marzouk affirmed in an interview with al-Ahram Gate website that Hamas “doesn’t interfere in any of the Egyptian internal affairs and this is what the Movement confirmed in all dialogue sessions”, adding that the Hamas-Egypt relations have improved remarkably.

A delegation of Hamas Movement, including Ismail Haneyya, deputy chairman of the Hamas political bureau, as well as Hamas leaders Rawhi Mushtaha and Mousa Abu Marzouk, arrived in Cairo last Sunday to conduct talks with the Egyptian intelligence on important files regarding the Gaza Strip and the relations between the two sides.

Abu Marzouk said that the Egyptian judiciary couldn’t prove any of the accusations against Hamas, emphasizing that all the similar pending issues were settled.

He pointed out, “It is not in our interest to violate the Egyptian national security, and we are affected by what is happening in Sinai more than Egypt.”

On the internal situation, he said, “The Palestinian cause is facing a big crisis and we have to surpass the division by achieving national unity.” However, he added, one of the major obstacles to this goal is the US position which rejects Hamas’s presence in any Palestinian government.

(Source / 26.01.2017)


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