Israeli settlers seize Palestinian shop in Old City


A group of Israeli settlers seized on Tuesday a Palestinian shop in the Old City in occupied Jerusalem.

Al-Quds Press news agency said that Jewish settlers, escorted by Israeli forces, broke into a shop owned by the family of Noura Sub-Laban and started excavation and maintenance activities there without the family’s knowledge.

Raafat Sub-Laban, Noura’s son, said that Israeli settlers raided in the morning his family’s shop, which has been closed for years, “like thieves” and started digging inside without his family’s knowledge.

He added that the Israeli High Court excluded in its latest hearing the shop from the decision which allowed his parents to stay in their house for the next 10 years, after which it will be handed to Israeli settlers.

He pointed out that Israeli policemen and border guards secured the settlers’ raid into the Palestinian facility before the outbreak of clashes between the settlers and the owners of the shop.

The Israeli High Court issued on 20th December 2016 a decision to postpone transferring the ownership of the Sub-Labans’ house to Israeli settlers for 10 years starting from the date of the decision excluding the family’s closed shop.

The settlement associations have been trying for years to evict the Sub-Labans from their house backed up by harassments practiced by the Israeli authorities. For example, in the seventies of the past century, the family was prevented from making any repairs or restorations in the house, and in the eighties, the house’s entrance was blocked by Israeli settlers.

In 2010, the Israeli authorities gave the house to the Kollel Galicia Trust, a private settler group, who claimed that the house is a Jewish endowment and called for evacuating the Sub-Labans from it claiming that the family do not live in it.

Despite all the Israeli pressures, the Sub-Laban family stood steadfast in the Israeli courts for more than 20 years until they managed to regain their right to stay in it though temporarily.

According to the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), at least 180 Palestinian families in occupied Jerusalem are under the threat of being forced out of their houses due to the court cases filed against them by Israeli settlers or settlement associations under the pretext of lacking the ownership of the properties or losing the protected tenant status.

(Source / 25.01.2017)


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