New Military Alliance and Role of Pakistan

From KhamakarPress Correspondent in Pakistan: Haseeb Asghar

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Gen ® Raheel Shareef who has recently retired as chief of Army staff of Pakistan Army now will lead the Army of Islamic military alliance which will work counterterrorism worldwide. This news was in circulation for few days but Minister of Defense of Pakistan Khawaja Mohammad Asif confirmed authenticity of this news. Related to this big news Lieutenant general r Amjad Shoaib disclosed in a news channel that Raheel Shareef set the terms, He assured to be the head of the multinational military alliance on the three conditions. The first and most important condition is to involve Iran in alliance۔ This must be the honor for the former Pakistani chief of Army staff as appointed the chief of Islamic military alliance in the other hand Political analyst declared this a critical and sensitive decision to be the chief of Islamic military alliance

Analysts are concerned that the Multinational Islamic Military alliance may even cause adverse effect on relationship with the several regional Islamic organizations who is working in region.

In a statement released through the official Arab News Agency has announced the formation of a military alliance. The alliance will work under the leadership of Saudi Arabia and its headquarters will be established in Riyadh. The alliance aims to fight against terrorism all over the world especially so called Muslims Militant organizations.

Now world badly suffering from Terrorist activities. Terrorist operation is being operated all over the world freely. In their case Saudi Arab announced the Military of Islamic alliance consisting of more than 30 Islamic countries. Initially, including 34 Islamic countries in the military alliance, but now this figure has risen to 39

in the military alliance Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Tunisia, Sudan, Malaysia, Egypt, Yemen and other countriesare include, Iran and Syria is not the part of that military alliance.

Evaluation of the announcement of new military alliance, that it had been declared by Saudi Deputy Defense Minister Prince Mohammad bin Salman made at the press conference.

According to Saudi Defense minister this Islamic Military Alliance would act against all religious and belief groups without customizing who are targeting innocent people through terrorism. It would act against all religious and belief groups without customizing the Saudi defense minister, who are targeting innocent people through terrorism

But the Iran and the Syria they are not the part of that alliance this is the question mark of this new Islamic Military alliance`s statement issued by Saudi Prince. Inter-cooperation and unity is very import against growing terrorism in the name of faith and, But suddenly announced an alliance that will fight terrorism by Muslims, is of great importance with regard to the changes taking place in the world

The Middle East terrorism and extremism that is coming in to the situation, the main reasons include differences between Iran and Arab countries, Sunni and Shia beliefs

The conflict between Arab and non-Arab it is very ancient, the Cold War between Saudi Arabia and Iran has long story but after the execution of ayat Ullah sheikh Baqir al nimar by the Saudi government, the differences between Saudi Arabia and Iran openly exposed their differences to the whole world. Saudi Arabia executes 47 including religions cleric Ayat Ullah Sheikh Baqir al nimar, this mess execution become crisis to Muslim world, After this act Saudi Arab face strong reaction from the Islamic countries. According to the Saudi government reaction against Saudi Arabia amounted to interfering in the laws of the country although Saudi Arabia takes it as its right to intervention in Yemen, Bahrain Egypt and Libya, intervention of Saudi Arab is still continue in these countries it raises serious question about Saudi Arab double standard by brotherly countries

The purpose of the establishment of new Islamic militant coalition led by Saudi Arabia to strengthen the position of Saudi Arab in region and world

Regional Shiite majority country Iran has made it clear that keeping separate from this new alliance this is the message that Saudi Arab brings its importance and value in world

This strategy of Saudi Arab may divide Islamic communities into groups and it may cause of sectarian violence. Saudi Arabia is facing strong criticism from the Western world despite being in allay of United States of America

Many Western observers have said it must be changed to Saudi Arabia’s policies to eradicate terrorism of world

It is anticipated that the measures would be in place ahead of time that Saudi Arabia will be able to convince the world the extent of his displeasure against extremism through military alliance, or how this unity will be able to reduce anarchy and bloodshed situation in various Islamic countries.

If this new Islamic military alliance has emerged as a political tactic in the fight against terrorism, this would not get any assistance

If this new alliance can truly play a role in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan to establish prosperity and good governance—then this military formation is useful for the world. Otherwise, this may be the puppets to play games in the region.

Pakistan has close brotherly relations with Iran and Saudi Arabia. These two countries have differences in their beliefs, although Pakistan`s population consists of 15% of Shiite Muslims. In addition, Iran is our immediate neighbor and shares our various regional and economic interests.

To join this new Military alliance what would be a new challenge for Pakistan`s defense capabilities and internal security needs? Iran’s non-participation in the multilateral coalition puts into question the great security and durable peace process in the region.

General Raheel Sharif’s appointment as Chief of the Islamic Army as commander to both groups of Sunnis and Shiites in this alliance will be a great test. Sharif must maintain a balanced and neutral performance towards both sides of the military alliance and remain impartial which will not be an easy task.




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