Hamas steps up anti-Israel cyber attacks


Hamas hackers continue to trick Israeli soldiers into revealing sensitive military information by penetrating data stored on their smart phones.

Israeli news outlets said the Israeli occupation army unraveled 15 fake Hamas accounts on social media networks used to entrap soldiers.

The Israeli occupation army and Shin Bet have conducted a so-called “Operation Hunter’s Network” campaign to chase down Hamas network after officials received reports about a new campaign from Gaza.

In the campaign, Hamas hackers posted seductive pictures of young Israeli women on social media to attract Israeli soldiers and retrieve data from their smart phones.

An Israeli official said Hamas hackers obtained access to data by penetrating soldiers’ accounts then chatting directly with the soldier. Shortly afterwards, the account holder asks the soldier to download applications infected with Trojan Horse viruses.

After the virus reaches its destination, the Hamas operative immediately obtains access to the data on the soldiers’ phones such as pictures, text messages, conversations.

The virus also enabled Hamas operatives to access the camera and microphone, through which they could capture images and record communications. As a precautionary measure, the Israeli occupation army slapped restrictions on the use of social media by Israeli soldiers, mainly high-ranked military staff.

(Source / 13.01.2017)

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