Over 270 People Killed across Syria since Truce Took Effect on December 29

Regime forces and the Iranian-backed militias have breached the ceasefire more than 399 times since it went into force on December 29, 2016. At least 271 people, including 25 women and 34 children, were killed as a result of the breaches.

According to figures compiled by the Syrian Coalition’s media office, the majority of breaches took place in southern rural Aleppo, Wadi Barada valley in Rural Damascus, rural Hama, and rural Dara’a. The figures did not include areas controlled by the ISIS extremist group.

At least 22 truce violations were committed by regime forces and the Hezbollah militias in Damascus and its countryside, Aleppo and Dara’a on Monday. At least 11 people, including two children, were killed, and 10 others were injured.

The Syrian Coalition condemned the continued violations of the truce by regime forces and their allied foreign militias, especially in the Wadi Barada valley. It called upon the UN Security Council and guarantors of the ceasefire agreement to immediately put an end to those breaches and hold the perpetrators to account.

Activists in Wadi Barada valley said that regime forces and the Hezbollah militia hit the area with dozens of tank and mortar shells on Monday, killing and wounding dozens. The area has come under intense bombardment for over 20 days. Regime forces and their allies have also repeatedly tried to take over the village of Kfeir Alzeit.

Residents trapped in Wadi Barada valley are suffering lack of basics such as water and electricity. Communications have been cut off due to the ongoing bombardment. Regime forces and their allies are deliberately targeting vital civilian infrastructure in the area, activists added.

In Dara’a province, meanwhile, local activists said that regime forces shelled the neighborhood of Manshiya with tanks and heavy artillery. Similar attacks were also reported on the towns of Hirak, Yadouda, Jinin, and Naiema.

Regime forces also bombed the Rashideen district and Souk Aljabas area in southern Aleppo as well as the towns of Khan Tuman and Khalsa in southern rural Aleppo on Monday. The bombardment left many civilians injured and caused damage to residential buildings.

(Source: Syrian Coalition’s Media Office / 10.01.2017)


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