Islamic Jihad asks Abbas to solve electricity crisis in Gaza


Islamic Jihad Movement asked the Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas and the Palestinian Authority to work on finding a solution to end the current power crisis in the Gaza Strip.

Khaled al-Batesh, a senior Islamic Jihad official, said during a protest rally in Gaza on Monday that the Palestinian parties are working hard to solve the electricity crisis in the Gaza Strip.

“The efforts exerted with concerned parties to end the crisis in Gaza are enormous,” Batesh said while urging Mahmoud Abbas to take immediate action to solve the electricity crisis.

“We don’t want to witness other tragedies,” Batesh said while appealing to the decision-makers to solve the crisis in Gaza in order to avoid accidents similar to what happened in Shuja’iyya, Shati refugee camp, Beit Hanoun, and Khan Younis.

He appealed to the world community to act and support the Gaza Strip to restore sufficient electricity hours.

“For Gaza to stay without electricity while the neighboring countries are exporting gas is unacceptable,” Batesh added while calling on all parties to prioritize the need of Palestinian civilians over their political wrangling.

Dozens of participants in the protest chanted slogans calling for an end to the current power crisis in the Gaza Strip while holding banners demanding an immediate end to their suffering as a result of the repeated power outages.

(Source / 09.01.2017)


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