Assad Regime Continues to Ignore international Calls to Stop Truce Violations

The Assad regime forces and their allied Iranian-backed militias continue to violate the ceasefire agreement which was announced on December 29, ignoring all international calls to abide by the agreement.

According to figures compiled by the Syrian Coalition’s media office, regime forces and their allied foreign militias committed no fewer than 27 breaches of the agreement on Sunday. At least 16 people were killed as a result of these breaches which took place in 5 Syrian provinces, mostly in Wadi Barada valley in Rural Damascus.

The Coalition stressed the need for full implementation of the cessation of hostilities, especially in the Wadi Barada valley. The UN Security Council and guarantors of the ceasefire agreement are obliged to immediately stop and condemn these violations and to punish the perpetrators, the Coalition said in a statement released on Thursday.

The Coalition urged the UN Security Council to adopt a resolution calling for the immediate withdrawal of all foreign militias from Syria and to require all parties to stop supporting or providing political and legal cover for the actions of these militias.

Towns and villages in the Wadi Barada valley have been subjected to ferocious assault by regime forces and the Hezbollah militia for 18 days. Local activists reported the spread of waterborne diseases as residents of the area have had no access to clean water since the regime assault began 18 days ago. Buildings and mosques in the areas that have escaped bombardment are overcrowded with civilians fleeing the regime’s bombing, activists added.

UN spokesman Stephane Dujarric said that the UN has received reports indicating that over 7,000 people have already been displaced from their homes in Wadi Barada valley since December 22.

(Source: Syrian Coalition’s Media Office / 09.01.2017)


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