Anticipated deal to determine the sentence of soldier Elor Azaria


Israeli channel Two Friday evening disclosed an anticipated deal to be reached by Israeli attorney general and the defense team for soldier Elor Azaria, who killed the Palestinian youth Abdul Fattah al-Sharif in al-Khalil. The deal aims at determining the period of imprisonment of Azaria after he had been convicted for manslaughter on Wednesday as long as no appeal was made.

Even though the court convicted Azaria for manslaughter, it affirmed that the reason behind the killing was not rooted in a sense of danger, but in his intention to avenge his friend.

President of the Tribunal, Colonel Maya Heller, said “soldier Elor had no justification to shoot the Palestinian man because he constituted no danger to him and that he shot him based on his belief that the Palestinian deserved to die”.

The family of al-Sharif perceived the Israeli verdict as ridiculous, and pointed out in a press conference in al-Khalil on Saturday that Israeli right-wing parties exerted every effort to defend the killer of their son who performed a cold-blooded murder that was caught on video.

(Source / 07.01.2017)


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