Report: 100 Palestinians kidnapped by Israel since 2017 started


100 Palestinian citizens, including 18 children, have been kidnapped by the Israeli military and security forces since the beginning of 2017 in the West Bank and Jerusalem.

The Palestinian Prisoner Society said the detention of those citizens happened during five days, pointing out that six of them were taken prisoners at dawn Thursday, January 5, during a campaign in al-Khalil, Tubas and Qalqilya.

In another context, the Asra Media Office said the Israeli authorities had issued 576 administrative detention orders against Palestinian internees from al-Khalil province last year, 2016.

Some of those administrative prison orders were issued for the first time and others were extensions to previous ones, a report released by the office noted.

In December last year, the European Union (EU) denounced Israel for its persistence in administratively detaining Palestinians with no guilt.

In a statement released by its office in Occupied Jerusalem, the EU expressed concern over Israel’s excessive use of administrative imprisonment with no indictments against the Palestinians.

The EU called on Israel to respect its international human rights obligations towards all prisoners, and enable them to have access to legal assistance and be subject to fair trials.

(Source / 05.01.2017)


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