Hamas: Israeli cabinet’s decisions racist, criminal

The Islamic Resistance Movement Hamas condemned on Monday the decisions of the Israeli cabinet to impose new sanctions on Palestinian prisoners and withhold the bodies of martyrs, slamming the decisions as aggressive and racist.

“These vindictive Israeli decisions break international laws and norms and reflect the occupation’s toolbox of fascist and criminal policies that it continues to use against Palestinians,” Hamas stated in a press release.

“The Israeli decisions will not undermine our people’s determination or break the will of the resistance,” Hamas said, asserting that the sanctions will not influence the Movement’s efforts to secure the release of all Palestinian prisoners.

“The Zionist enemy has no option but to pay the price and submit to the conditions of the resistance in order to return its missing soldiers in Gaza,” Hamas added.

The Israeli Cabinet had on Sunday authorized a series of vindictive measures against Hamas prisoners and martyrs in an attempt to pressure the Movement to release the Israeli soldiers captured in Gaza.

On Monday Israeli forces sent back families of Palestinian prisoners from the Gaza Strip and revoked their family visit permissions.

Meanwhile, over 15 Palestinian prisoners were wounded when Israeli special units raided sections in Nafha prison and assaulted the detainees.

(Source / 05.01.2017)


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