New penalties on 13 Palestinian prisoners in Nafha


The Palestinian Commission of Detainees and Ex-Matinees Affairs pointed out that the Israeli Prison Service (IPS) imposed penalties on 13 Palestinian prisoners in Nafha prison where clashes between prisoners and Israeli prison forces occurred on Monday in which three prisoners were injured in addition to the prison warden.

The commission stated on Tuesday that the IPS conducted internal trials for the prisoners after which 13 of them were transferred to Ramon, Hadarim, and Ohalei Kedar prisons.

It added that the IPS imposed other penalties on them including solitary confinement for three weeks, depriving them of family visits for 6 months, and imposing fines of up to $3,250 on them.

Israeli prison forces had stormed a number of cells and wards of Nafha jail and attacked prisoners with teargas in addition to conducting provocative inspections. The attack had followed the Israeli cabinet’s decision to impose more penalties and restrictions on Hamas’s prisoners to put pressure on the Movement to free the Israeli captives reportedly held in Gaza by its armed wing.

(Source / 03.01.2017)


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