Activists warn of underway construction of Israeli outpost in Nablus


Palestinian sources warned Monday of Israeli intents to establish an illegal settlement outpost on Palestinian land in eastern Nablus.

Head of Deir al-Hatab village council, Abdul Kareem Hussein, said Israeli settlers on Sunday started the construction of abodes and set up mobile homes and a water tank in Ras al-Ein area, to the east of the village.

He added that over recent days Israeli settlers bulldozed a Palestinian agricultural land in Ras al-Ein so as to open a new access road into the area.

Israeli soldiers have, meanwhile, been deployed in the territory so as to protect the settlers, at the same time as they banned the Palestinians from reaching their land lots, covering an overall area of some 500 dunums.

Abdul Kareem warned that such measures make part of Israeli attempts to establish a new settlement outpost at the expense of Palestinians’ private lands.

Israel stepped up illegal construction of settler homes in the occupied West Bank just one week after a UN Security Council resolution deemed settlement activity in the area illegal.

(Source / 02.01.2017)


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