Israeli bulldozers damage power line in Deir Ballut town


Local residents from Deir Ballut town in Salfit has complained that the Israeli authorities destroyed one of their power lines east of the town during the ongoing bulldozing activities in the area.

The local residents told a news reporter from the Palestinian Information Center (PIC) that the power line became a constant threat to their lives, especially the lives of their children, and they stressed the need to fix it quickly.

The Israeli authorities, however, do not seem to care about repairing the power line after it collapsed, the residents voiced fears.

All the Israelis care about is to establish the illegal settlement of Leshem at the expense of the Palestinian towns, they said.

The residents expressed hope that the international community and its organizations could move to pressure the Israeli authorities to stop its settlement activities in their area.

Leshem is an illegal Israeli settlement located west of Salfit Governorate and five kilometers away from the Green Line. It is located near the illegal settlements of Eli Zahav and Peduel in the south.

The construction of the Leshem settlement started in 2013 on a vast tract of Palestinian land annexed from the nearby Kafr ad-Dik and Deir Ballut towns. Today about 100 Jewish families living in Leshem settlement with much thousands expected to settle in the settlement once its housing and infrastructure building are completed.

(Source / 01.01.2017)


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