Goldin’s family: Netanyahu waved white flag in Front of Hamas


The family of the Israeli soldier Hadar Goldin accused Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu of “raising a white flag” and surrendering to Hamas, two years after their son has been held captive in Gaza.

Goldin’s family slammed the Israeli occupation government for returning the bodies of Palestinian anti-occupation youths who were killed while carrying out attacks against Israeli soldiers.

“It seems the Prime Minister has waved a white flag in front of Hamas and has given up on returning Hadar and Oron [Shaul] home.” Goldin’s family said. “For a long time, the Israeli government has demonstrated a terrible weakness against Hamas.”

“While Hadar and Oren are in captivity, Netanyahu releases the bodies of Palestinians, upgrades the infrastructure of Gaza, pays salaries to Hamas affiliates, and provides goods to Gaza which no government ever has made in the past,” added the family.

“All of this occurs without Israel asking for information on the whereabouts of Hadar and Oron and without having conducted negotiations for their return,” the family stated.

“The statements by the Prime Minister and his ministers that claimed Israel is doing everything in its power to bring its children back have been revealed to be empty words,” the statement further read.

Al-Qassam Brigades, the armed wing of Hamas, released on Saturday two videos simulating Israeli soldier Oron Shaul celebrating his birthday and three years in captivity.

The videos seem to be intended for the Israeli government, which already announced its intention to convene a meeting for the security cabinet on Sunday to discuss the issue of missing soldiers in the Gaza Strip.

The video ends with an intertitle reading “The decision is in the government’s hand.”

(Source / 01.01.2017)


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