US admits bombing second Mosul hospital

AImage of a bombed hospital [Anadolu]

Image of a bombed hospital

The United States Central Command (CENTCOM) has confirmed that it has likely bombed a medical facility in the northern Iraqi city of Mosul resulting in civilian casualties, as Iraqi Security Forces (ISF) continue their US-backed assault to recapture the city from Daesh militants.

An airstrike by the US-led Coalition hit a van in a hospital compound parking lot and could have killed civilians, the CENTCOM confirmed late last night.

The van was carrying Daesh fighters was targeted and hit in the airstrike, CENTCOM said on behalf of the Combined Joint Strike Force.

“A Coalition airstrike struck a van carrying ISIL fighters observed firing a SPG9/RPG recoilless rifle before loading the weapon in the van and driving off,” CENTCOM’s statement read.

“The van was struck in what was later determined to be a hospital compound parking lot resulting in possible civilian casualties.” This is not the first time that a hospital in Mosul has been bombed by the Coalition.

On 7 December, Coalition warplanes launched an air raid on the Al-Salem hospital complex after ISF troops from the elite Counter Terrorism Service (CTS) failed to make any headway in their push against Daesh, and needed air support to be able to evacuated from their botched assault.

According to the Coalition, the hospital was being used “as a base of operations and command and control headquarters” by Daesh, though activists on the ground in Mosul criticised both the ISF and the Coalition for the attack due to the likely presence of civilians.

With regard to yesterday’s strike, CENTCOM said that it “takes all allegations of civilian casualties seriously and this incident will be fully investigated and the findings released in a timely and transparent manner.”

(Source / 31.12.2016)


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